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  • Increase sales
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Order animated videos that can really sell

We do voice overs in any language

Get more than just a video

Animated videos are an effective way to interact with your audience

How does it actually work?

We (video4sales):

  • 01

    Familiarize ourselves with the brand/service

  • 02

    Prepare the animation and voiceover script

  • 03

    Create characters, backgrounds, icons

  • 04

    Offer a variety of narrator voices

  • 05

    Record the voiceover in a professional studio

  • 06

    Combine the audio with the visuals

  • 07

    Add music and sound effects; edit the video

  • 08

    Give you the final product in your preferred format


You (the client)

  • Give us information about your service, product or business through the PRD (Product requirements document)
  • Oversee every step of the working process
  • Give us your pointers and corrections
  • Approve the finalized version
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About us

  • team video4sales

    We make creative animated videos for any business within 14 days in all languages of the world.

    Get a marketing tool that works effectively 24/7.

    We are constantly evolving. By constantly trying out and implementing new technologies we keep up with the times in the field of animation.

  • founder Khrystyna Dykun

    For us it’s important to be on the same page with the client, to make our collaboration a pleasant working experience.

    Our founder, Khrystyna Dykun, is a video marketer and a creative producer. With her passion and incredible talent, she can bring any creative idea to life. She is full of enthusiasm for the creation of effective animation projects.


  • creation process

    Explain the animation process in simple terms.

  • creative video

    Quickly grasp creative ideas.

  • video animation advantages

    Hear and feel the needs of our clients, give advice.

Why choose us?

We know how to utilize video marketing for the success of your business.

Relay the video plot in plain and understandable language.

  • 9+

    years of experience

    We work with businesses, NGOs, educational programs and IT companies

  • 20+


    Clients from all over the world. We get endorsements in Europe, Asia, the USA and Canada

  • 2500+


    Your wishes and our limitless abilities yield working results

What do our clients say about us?

  • We are very grateful for the creation of the collection of videos in 6 languages. We were very worried about the workload and especially about the translation and dubbing into other languages, but the video4sales team managed brilliantly. When the video was shown to the Parliament of Kazakhstan, the members of parliament gave a standing ovation. It was the first time that they were shown a public service announcement in their native language.


    Eval Youth
  • The animated videos turned out great. Now our clients have a better grasp of the Canadian immigration process, understand the steps they need to take to achieve their goal and the advantages they get from working with us. The video4sales team, and especially Khrystyna Dykun, helped us a lot. We recommend their services and will be ordering videos from them again. Thank you.

  • A big “thanks” for your continued cooperation and for creating animation videos for our Lviv festivals, like our Mulled Wine Holiday, the Cheese and Wine Festival, the Chocolate Festival and others. The animation is always done quickly and efficiently, and, most importantly, at an affordable price.


Of course you can. You approve all the stages of the project. We can also make revisions to the final draft based on your feedback.

Yes, we work strictly by the book. Which is why we sign a service agreement with each one of our clients.

It depends on the complexity of the project, the length of the video and your individual specifications, as well as the speed of approval of each stage. Generally, it takes around 14 to 30 days.

The price includes absolutely everything you need to create an animation, namely: Script writing, Professional voice acting, Artist illustrations, A selection of music and sound effects, Animation, Editing.

Each client can request up to three major revisions.

You choose the voice of the narrator before each recording session. The video will be voiced by the narrator you like the best.

Yes, you do. Because only you know all the details of your product and business. Therefore, to make sure everything goes according to plan, we coordinate each stage of the project. That way we can stay on the same page without wasting any effort.

We work with professional recording studios and voice actors. They know how to properly position the microphone, remove the echo and make their voice sound as clear as possible. Our narrators are also professionally skilled in delivering the lines with the right intonation, register, timing and rhythm. You can record your own voice for us to use in the video, but in that case we cannot guarantee the quality of the final video and the effect it has on the audience. If you so choose, we recommend you record your voice in a professional recording studio. Please feel free to do so if you wish to.

Our satisfied customers.

  • Healthcare industry

    Learn more
    • St. Paraskeva Medical Center – - diagnostics and treatment. A place where evidence-based medicine is practiced.
    • Dovira Medical Center - a multidisciplinary medical institution that provides assistance to people with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Focus Care Norge - a Norwegian company specializing in the care for the elderly and disabled.
    • Medical Center "Life" - an industry-leading medical services company that excels through the use of modern laser technologies.
    • Focus Care Norge - a Norwegian company specializing in the care for the elderly and disabled.
  • IT sector

    Learn more
    • EPAM Systems - a global IT company that deals with software development and IT consulting.
    • Start IT – computer courses for children
  • Real Estate

    Learn more
    • Zadatok72 – an exclusive real estate selling service where you can make a deposit within the first 72 hours.
  • Service industry

    Learn more
    • Rukavychka – a chain of self-service stores in western Ukraine.
    • Rolada – an online clothing store.
    • – an online retailer focused on selling mass production consumer goods, the world’s largest company in terms of turnover. Sells both goods and services.
  • Media

    Learn more
    • Tvoe Misto - Lviv’s public media outlet. A multimedia hub that includes a public forum, online TV, a city discussion board, and a non-governmental organization for the development of quality journalism.
  • Manufacturing companies

    Learn more
    • DKN – a Ukrainian furniture production company. Home and office furniture manufacturing.
    • Terra Pack – leading national manufacturer of polymer packaging. A wide range of quality packaging materials.
    • Wowin – production of Scandinavian style designer furniture and home decor, designed and manufactured in Ukraine.
    • Dogs My Love – dog care products and accessories (everything from brushes to leashes, dog toys to dog houses).
  • Non-profit organizations

    Learn more
    • Freedom House - an international human rights non-governmental organization that promotes and researches the state of democracy, political freedom and respect for fundamental human rights.
    • Ukraine Without Torture - a community organization dedicated to eradicating the use of mistreatment and torture in Ukraine’s detention facilities.
    • Alliance for Public Health - an international charitable foundation making a significant impact on the epidemics of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and other socially dangerous diseases in Ukraine.
    • EvalYouth Global Network - multi-stakeholder partnership/network that supports and promotes young emerging evaluators (YEEs).
    • Empower to Act - a non-profit dedicated to combating workplace sexual harassment.

Always open to new tasks and creative challenges